Deontology & scientific integrity

Deontology & scientific integrity

The purpose of the committee is to maintain a dynamic exchange of views on issues relating to ethics and scientific integrity. It enables us to develop a reflective approach to our research activities in order to promote a rigorous scientific approach in the service of the public interest and to ensure that we work well together within our unit.

Firstly, the committee organizes workshops or training courses to raise awareness among our research community on specific issues such as discrimination in the workplace, publication strategy, falsification of data and results....

The second role of the committee is to respond to requests from the unit staff for advice on specific ethical or scientific integrity issues. With no hierarchical or administrative responsibility, the committee can express a point of view, give advice and/or seekthe best solution in a collegial manner to promote constructive work in conditions of respect for all.

Modification date : 27 March 2024 | Publication date : 22 May 2023 | Redactor : EP