Sustainable development

Sustainable development

We now know how important the carbon and plastic footprints of the research activities are. We therefore need to question our practices to carry out experiments in a more eco-responsible way.

EABX is particularly proactive in this context, being a pilot-laboratory for Labos1.5 initiative and a member of OASU Transitions group


Specifically, since 2019, EABX has been drawing up an annual greenhouse gas balance, using the GES1.5 tool.
These assessments show that the Unit's overall emissions represent 560 ± 131 T eCO2 / year (or 8.6 ± 2 T eCO2/year per capita), with the predominant part attributable to purchases.


To start reducing its emissions, EABX initiated a process to lower its use of plastics in its laboratories. Thi is how REDPLAST project was born, co-coordinated by the Unit and the UMR IATE and  funded by INRAE's DRSE ; REDPLAST relies on a national network of pilot teams to develop a methodology for the reduction of the laboratories plastic footprint.



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